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Carlos is a passionate and genuine person.

At a young age he showed a natural talent for painting and drawing. This talent led to wide recognition in many art contests. His vision, discipline and a childhood passion for horses and wildlife are reflected in his exceptional sculptures and oil paintings.


Since 1977, Carlos has called Texas home. He studied art, oils and acrylics at the Glassell School of Art in Houston. He also studied clay modeling and mold making in Austin at the Elisabeth Ney Museum.


In 1992, Carlos produced his first sculpture; his love of animals was truly reflected in his work.


Carlos’ work has been exhibited at numerous places: The Kentucky Horse Park, The American Quarter Horse Museum, as well as fine art shows and art galleries throughout the United States. He has been commissioned by many Horse Associations to design their trophies and memorial sculptures. In June 2003, he was commissioned by Country Artist (a worldwide recognized company in the gift industry) to design 50 horse figurines for a series called “All About Horses”.


Carlos' collectors are worldwide: In the USA, England, Spain, Canada, Australia, Japan, Colombia, Singapore, Dubai, and Kingdom of Bahrain.  In Mexico, he was recognized by the ANDA (Asociación Nacional de Actores) in an exhibit at the “Salon Siqueiros”.  Mrs. Carmen Salinas cut the ribbon.


His limited edition pieces are cast in Bronze, or Mix Medium. On his Mix Medium sculptures he hand paints each piece differently making every sculpture of the edition one-of-a-kind, offering collectors a unique work of art!







 USA    England      Spain     Canada   

Australia   Mexico    Japan     Colombia    Kingdom of Bahrain   Dubai   Singapore


Carlos lives in Austin, Texas with his loving wife and four chickens.

He works everyday and searches for inspiration in nature, but he puts his work aside anytime his two daughters visit.